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Let's talk about SMP. . .

THE BOOST - SMP, Terms & Conditions

How to start. . .

New guests:

  • You'll be initiating a 2-step process. 

  • Step 1, is to complete the digital consultation form below.

  • Step 2, once that has been submitted, you'll then request your virtual consultation appointment by tapping the button next to the form below. 

  • We will follow up shortly via email with details about your virtual consultation.

  • During your virtual consultation we will be able to give you every bit of additional info you need, give you an exact price quote, and schedule your appointment.

  • Any other recommendations that we feel will maximize your results may also be made during this time.

  • The last thing required to schedule your procedure will be a 20% (non-refundable) deposit. Any deposits made with us do not expire. We understand that things come up and sometimes we have to make a little room. 

Your first appointment includes. . .

  • Revisiting the details of your virtual consultation

  • Q&A before we begin

  • Drafting & sketching of area/s to be treated

  • Start & finish of procedure

  • Pay balance amount

  • Finally, we'll finish up by scheduling your upcoming follow up appointment

What happens next?
  • We will schedule your second appointment for 1-2 weeks after your first visit. 

  • During your second & third visits we'll see your progress, and snap post-photos.

Long term expectations. . .
  • You should expect to invest in follow up procedures about every 1.5 - 3 years in order to keep everything looking fresh. 

  • Should you opt not to maintain periodically, it's to be expected that your results will eventually fade and we will likely have to start from the beginning a few years down the line, while likely having to do a lot more than the time before. 

  • How you maintain your results long term depends on how you care for your scalp while you're away.

Step 1: Please complete the form below. 

You will be asked at the bottom of the form to assert that you've read the terms and conditions above. If you do not agree with these terms, please email us at, and we will respond weekdays within 48 hours. 

Step 2: As you complete step 1, you're ready to request your virtual consultation 

Let's get your digital consultation started. This is your first step for THE BOOST consultation process. 
What area/s are you interested in?

Thank you, we'll be in touch shortly.

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