Lip colors and shapes are fully customized for every single client. Keep in mind these illustrations are simply examples of what you can choose for yourself. Please read the descriptions to help you decide what may be best for you. You can always find real examples of our work here, and on instagram page.


LIPSTICK:  This is a great option when you simply need more color in your life. Perfect for our clients who want to wake up and go!

Dermalux lipstik tattoo, indian wells

LIP BLUSH:  One of our favorite looks! This look is meant to add back that extra little bit of color we've lost over time. You'll feel like you have just the right amount of color throughout your day, while still being light enough to apply another color over it should you choose. 

Dermalux lipstik tattoo, indian wells

LIP LINER: Some of our clients prefer the idea of a simple lip liner, and nothing more. When it comes to this style, we're always sure to blend and soften the color to eliminate hard lines. Your liner will look perfectly buffed into your own lips. 

Dermalux lipstik tattoo, indian wells



Lip styles begin at $600