Our practice is well known throughout the valley as the number one location for impeccable cosmetic tattooing & anti-aging treatments.

Occasionally we look for new models that can be great candidates for new treatments. 

You've been personally selected as a potential candidate.

Here's why. Periodically we seek out new treatment models, and offer you incredible pricing in return for allowing us to use photos of your treatment throughout our portfolios & media.   

Currently we have 4 offerings. Use the side arrows to scroll through the slide show below to see which treatments are being offered at this time. 

This is a limited time offer, and is on a first-come-first-serve basis. We hope to hear from you soon. 

For more information at: 760.364.0647 


Scalp MicroPigmentation


SMP is a cosmetic tattooing treatment that is intended to help camouflage the appearance of baldness & thinning hair. 

Treatments are tailored to your specific needs and require 3-4 sessions to complete. 

For our models we offer this treatment at a rate of $700, with a model release. This is a $3500 value!