What to expect at DermaLUX . . .


I can’t wait to meet you! Your experience starts when you first request your appointment. Once your appointment request is received and accepted, you’ll receive a confirmation & welcome email with details to ensure that your first visit is seamless. 


Next, you’ll arrive at the studio, then together you and I will have an in-depth consultation. We will discuss details and create a plan, not just for today, but for any future visits as well to ensure that all of your goals are met!


Whether you’re here for cosmetic repigmentation, hair-loss solutions, anti-aging, or skin tightening treatments, rest assured that everything we do together will be entered into our database so that it will always be ready and waiting during any follow-up visits. You’ll also find an array of amenities in the studio to keep you comfortable while we work on your beauty and cosmetic goals. 


Together, we will create the best plan for your skin, features, and lifestyle. Tips and tricks are always shared so that you can maintain what we create together and may continue to look your best once you’re home. 


We will conclude by setting up your next appointment/s as well as going over any recommendations for at-home care before you leave.


I will eagerly be looking forward to your next visit.


P.S.  If your appointment is for permanent makeup please tap here to see a list of pre-care instructions. These instructions are for you to follow to help ensure the best results with your procedures. After your procedures, you can always return here for your aftercare videos.

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