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New Guest Booking Options

Visiting a new office for your cosmetic needs isn't always easy, we get that. That's why we like to take away the usual added stress and confusion through our unique guest booking experience.


All of the booking options below offering two or more procedures/areas include a 15-20% savings. 

New Guest Booking Option # 1

Light Up My Eyes

Brighten up those eyes with a Keratin Lash Lift, brow shaping wax & tint. We will start your treatment with a consultation, treatment formulation for your lashes, application, and finish

off with a brow wax. 

-Select "Light Up My Eyes" when you book below.  $145

New Guest Booking Option # 2

Turn Back The Clock

When you decide you've had it with the laws of gravity it's time to consider turning back the clock. This is our #1 treatment when it comes to Plasma Lift Skin Tightening. Our focus zones with turning back the clock are the neck, cheek, & lower cheek area (AKA: jowls). Having these zones addressed makes a world of difference when it comes to how you feel, look, and step into your world. 

-Select "Turn Back The Clock" when scheduling.  $3760

New Guest Booking Option # 3

Pucker Up

Our Lip Blush and Plasma Lift duo is makeover you've been dreaming of! We're going to start with a thorough consultation about your lip shape & color goals, as well as the zone around the mouth. We're going to select the perfect translucent (watercolor-like) tone that is just perfect for you. Then we're going to address the area surrounding the mouth with our plasma lift technique. We will be able to lift away fine lines, while making your lips look fuller in the process all without filler! 

-Select "Pucker Up" when scheduling below.  $1600

New Guest Booking Option # 4

The Gift Of Time

Have you ever tried doing the math to figure out how long it really takes you to do your brows & eyes daily? We have - way too many! At DermaLUX we have the ability to give you the gift of time. Yup, we said it. We're going to help you save 60hrs during the year by giving you fully upgraded eyebrows, and the cleanest, most delicately placed lash enhancement eyeliner to make those eyes POP

-Select "The Gift Of Time" when you book below.  $1100

New Guest Booking Option # 5

The Glow Up

We’re going to get your skin to glow again with a deep exfoliating treatment that includes dermaplaning for that pesky peach fuzz you keep catching in the mirror. Then we envelope with our brightening 35% glycolic peel, and finish with on of our replenishing cooling masks. This winning combination is perfect for maintenance, or when you have something special to glow up for. 


-Select "The Glow Up" when you book below.  $120

New Guest Booking Option # 6

Upgrade Me

Let's really make a statement! We'll start by giving your brows & lashes the full treatment. Beginning with a complete consultation, then moving on to drawing and filling in your upgraded brows. Once you approve of the shape, together, we'll make the best color choice for you. Soon after, we'll start making those brows a reality by utilizing my signature MicroBlade/MicroShade technique for hyper-real looking permanent brows. When we're done with that we'll move on with the most nourishing keratin eyelash lifting treatment, and lash tinting you've ever experienced.

-Select "Upgrade Me" when you book below. $710

New Guest Booking Option # 7

Perk Me Up

Need a little pick me up? Our Perk Me Up option is exactly what you're looking for. With the use of our Plasma Lift Skin Tightening we'll focus on the area above the eyebrows, and around the lips. We'll be able to lift the brows, and also give you those gorgeous naturally fuller lips you've been wanting. 

-Select "Perk Me Up" when you book below.  $1120

New Guest Booking Option # 8

I Want New Brows

Brows are the # 1 reason guests come to see us. We're going to give you the brows you've always wanted. We'll start with a full consultation, we'll sketch directly on your skin, color match, and once you approve we'll get started with your new brows. 

-Select "I Want New Brows" when you book below. $700

New Guest Booking Option # 9

Hands In The Air

Sometimes it doesn't matter how young we feel, or how great our skin look, because our hands have a different story to tell. This dynamic duo treatment is going to hide your hands' agenda, and make you want to proudly show-off your hands. We're going to start with a fully customized Plasma Lift treatment for your hands, and follow up with yet another fully customized peel formulated specifically for your hands. Not only will we be able to shrink, tighten, & smooth this skin, but we'll be able to lighten, and in some cases even erase age spots.  Your full treatment will be in two separate visits.

-Select "Hands In The Air" when you book below. $1450

Need something else?

Are you looking to give yourself an update, but not sure exactly what you need, or need a certain combination that's not listed here. No worries, we've got you covered. Send us an email, and we'll get your digital consultation started.