Saying Goodbye To A Successful Summer

So much has occurred over the summer with DermaLUX.

We began with a move from Palm Desert, CA, to Indian Wells, CA. Our new digs greeted us with open arms into its lush green garden. If you have not had a chance to stop by you must. It's truly the most relaxing space to have your cosmetic needs met. 


"When done appropriately, Micro-needling has the power to essentially rewrite your skins DNA.


In addition, an Anti-Aging list of services have been added. Our clients are consistently asking, "what's next, what's the latest?" So far we have added No-Needle Lip & Line Filler, Micro-Needling, and our very own DLUX Skin Glow treatment. Soon we'll be announcing what's next!

Our No-Needle Filler is amazing! By the way, you're reading that correctly - NO NEEDLES! You can have natural looking voluminous lips and smoother facial lines in a snap with our hyaluronic acid filler. Delivery with our specialized air pen ensures these natural results, which can last 4-5 months depending on your desired volume and lifestyle.

For now, we'll wrap up our first post with our Micro-Needling, and DLUX Skin Glow treatment. Micro-Needling is such a wonderful treatment to help minimize pore size, reduce oiliness, and improve the look of scars, this is particularly great for acne scars since there no use of heat. When done appropriately, Micro-needling has the power to essentially rewrite your skins DNA. This leads us into our DLUX Skin Glow treatment because it includes a light Micro-Needling component. This treatment is a dream come true! Imagine deleting one crucial step from your makeup routine? Now imagine I'm talking about your tinted moisturizer. I know, it's pretty marvelous where we are in time. The DLUX Skin Glow serum is composed of hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, aloe, peptides, and pigment crystals (derived from vegetables). The glow you'll wake up with is incredible!


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