Detox, Gorgi-fy, & Balance Your Chi

We all know we're supposed to drink water all day long every day, especially in our Southern California desert climate. Is that really all there is though?

Amidst my microneedling, and skin tightening treatments, wellness teas are one of my favorite methods for keeping my skin nice while detoxing from the inside out, and keeping warm during these cooler months. However, if you're reading this and have no idea what a wellness tea is this will help. Wellness teas are made up of varying combinations of healing herbs, leaves, spices, and roots. These combinations are meant to help with removing impurities from the mind, body, & skin.



When I first stared drinking teas, and just as excited as I was skeptical. There are many studies that back up the properties of wellness teas. These types of teas are loaded with anti-oxidents, mineral, and bio-active chemicals (polyphenols & flavonoids). Thanks to all of this natural goodness wellness teas have been shown to help boost your immune system, detox from unhealthy holiday food, clear up your skin, enhance weight loss, all for a well and happier you!

Some Of My Faves


by The Republic of Tea


by Art of Tea


by The Republic of Tea

Wellness Tip

Take a minute before sipping your tea to take a mental note of what you're grateful for today. Practicing a little gratitude daily has shown to add love and happiness to your day, as well as reducing stress and road-rage. LOL

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