Making Lemonade From These New Lemons

What do we do when the world feels a little different than we're used to?

These would be the times when we put our meditation and mindset practice to good use. This is what we've been practicing for all along. I realize that many may be scared and concerned for all of the unknowns we're facing. However, let's take a step back and look at what a marvelous gift we've all been given amidst all the uncertainty. We, my friends, have been given the gift of time. How many of us walk around so often saying "I just don't have time," for this or that, "if only I could find the time"? If you've ever wondered if the universe truly listens - well, I guess we now have our answer.

When was the last time you received an actual letter? Maybe this is the time to reconnect with this nearly ancient lost art form.

So with all this precious time at our disposal lets try to take advantage of it and up our game. I've put together a list of tips for holding on to your sanity while practicing social distancing.

Spring Clean - Take this time to clean out those closets and drawers that have been overdue for quite some time. Put some unused items aside and think about donating/gifting them when the time feels right.

Work Out - This one is really important! Now more than even our minds need fresh oxygen and blood flow to function at optimal levels. Get creative at home while it's likely your gym is closed. You'd be amazed at all the things you can do with a yoga mat, some resistance bands, and surprise...your own body!

Take A Walk Down Memory Lane - If you're anything like me you have about 1 million pictures in your phone that likely need categorizing. Take this time to curate incredible albums, maybe even turn some of the really great ones into a book. A (super organized) friend of mine likes to create a book at the end of every year, she probably has about 12 volumes - one for each previous year. I personally love this idea.

Go For A Hike - Social distancing doesn't mean that you have to be confined to just being indoors. Our desert provides us with really great trails for a great range of fitness levels. Maybe even go for a run while you're out, again...fresh oxygen & blood flow does wonders.

Dive Into Your TBR Book Pile - There is no better time to start chipping away at your to be read book pile. If you've been waiting to dig into that really great mystery, or personal development book for a while now, there's no time like the present.

Write A Letter - When was the last time you received an actual letter? Maybe this is the time to reconnect with this nearly ancient lost art form. Imagine writing a letter on some of that beautiful paper you bought at that cute shop on your trip to Venice Italy last year. Now imagine sending it out and the glee in your best friend when they open it up right now, at a time when all this social distancing is feeling a bit long.

Create An Imaginary House Guest - This one is not really an activity, but it is a way to add a little levity while you're mostly home with nowhere to go. This is especially great if you're home with your partner and the two of you are bound to sometimes start to annoy one another. Create an imaginary friend (don't forget to give them a name) that you can blame things on. The clothes got close to the laundry hamper but not inside it...blame it on your new friend. The item that was last used didn't get put away...blame it on your new friend. In the end, it keeps things moving along smoothly, and no one gets their feelings hurt over it. Meanwhile, everyone gets a little laugh and things get done, it's a win-win for the entire team!

Try out some of these tips while we have this precious time. I will be. Enjoy the lemonade.

Until next time,